Reading List

Augusto, Luis M. (2013), Freud, Jung, Lacan: Sobre of Inconsciente, Porto: U.Porto editora

Chabaud, Francois (2012), ‘La fonction analytique: Freud, Jung, Lacan: Approche transdisciplinare,’ These de Doctorat, Universite Paul Valery – Montpellier III

Dunlap, Aron (2008), Counting to Four: Accessing the Quaternity of C.G. Jung in the Light of Lacan and Sophiology, PhD thesis, Temple University,

Gullatz, Stefan (2010), ‘Constructing the Collective Unconscious,’ Journal of Analytical Psychology, 55: 691-714

Henderson, David (2010), ‘Flirting with re-enchantment: anima and objet petit a,’ The Psyche in Transformation: Regional Conference of the International Association for Jungian Studies, SOAS, London,

Joseph, S.M. (1987), ‘Fetish, sign and symbol through the looking-glass: a Jungian critique of Jacques Lacan’s Ecrits,’ San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, 7/2

Julien, Philippe (2008), ‘La Psychoanalyse Et le Religieux: Freud, Jung, Lacan,’ Philosophical Research Online,

Julien, Philippe (2010), A psicanalise e o religioso: Freud, Jung, Lacan, Zahar

Kantza, Giuliana (2008), Il nome del padre nella psicoanalisi. Freud, Jung, Lacan, Ares

Manzi, Geoffrey (2014), ‘Every Dream is a Discourse: Lacan, Jung and the Linguistic Nature of the Unconscious Dreamscapes,’ Ramify, 5.1,

McGrath, S.J. (2010), ‘Sexuation in Jung and Lacan,’ International Journal of Jungian Studies, 2(1), 1-20

Quintaes, Marcus (2001), ‘Alquimia das Palavras,’ Symbolon – Estudos Jungianos,

Stebbins, Morgan (2010), ‘Lacan for Jungians: a Response to S. Gullatz,’ Journal of Analytical Psychology, 55: 715-721


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